Energpoint EVO is an innovative management system of the service batteries of campers and boats.

The device consists of an electronic board, equipped with a sim card, and a USB port, which works in an automatic way through the use of a microprocessor that manages all the sources of energy and recharging.

The tab is physically connected to the service battery of the vehicle, and the sources of energy recharge (charging stations, solar panels…) and its management is done remotely through a dedicated application that communicates with the device.

Through the ENERGPOINT EVO application, the user is able to know and manage remotely:


  1. The level of energy accumulated by the batteries and estimate the remaining time to use them, then calculate the autonomy time of the vehicle before the next recharge
  2. Interact with charging sources to choose the most suitable solution to the needs / possibilities of the moment and to split the charge level equally
  3. Maximize battery lifetime and performance by limiting the charging/discharging within the limit of the solvation
  4. Check if there are active devices connected to the system (e.g. light left on) and turn them off or turn them on remotely
  5. Activate the battery disconnect function by sending SMS – the whole system can be used as a manifold battery disconnect for each single source of charging and each connected battery.
  6. Activate the SMS ALERT system to be notified of any anomalies, reaching minimum energy limit, detachment from charging source, theft … and intervene, as it is on the spot, through commands sent from the application to the card


Energpoint is also equipped with the GPS satellite system and WiFi system

• The GPS system allows locating the vehicle wherever it is and to facilitate its finding in the event of theft. The card, after the ALERT signal, sends regular sms with the coordinates of the position of the vehicle.

• The WiFi system allows the device to also be used as a

• ROUTER creating a network of local internet and enable a system IoT in the vehicle. In this way, the user can, through Energpoint, surf the internet, watch a movie, turn on a security camera…

• Remove batteries-general of the vehicle – can act independently on each single battery or sergeant charging connected


In the card there is also a USB port that allows the user to share multimedia content (photos, music, video). The device can handle up to 4 sources of energy and 4 service batteries (multiple voltages 12/24 volt)

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