Energpoint is a new system that manages and monitors energy in batteries in 12 and 24 volt batteries installed on campers, trucks, boats and photovoltaic system.

An electronic board that doesn't just optimize recharge and performance prolonging the life of the batteries connected to the system, but also puts in communication your smartphone with the energy of your vehicle. It gives you the opportunity to control it every time and anywhere through an SMS towards the system and an SMS you receive that gives you every information that you need for your tranquility.

  • Innovative management and charging system that manages 2 charging sources and two connectable batteries
  • Optimization of stored energy time
  • Constant monitoring of the life time of the accumulated energies
  • Allert SMS system for anomalies of the batteries and electrical input
  • Charging sources configurable as needed by taking advantage of the remote sms app dedicated
  • The system is operated fully automatically or manually by sending text messages via the app designed specifically
  • Multiple preset SMS requests to the system status , settings for the springs , batteries and electrical loads and query system
  • Inside the app manual features to manage the entire system manually
  • Satellite alarm system through integrated GPS
  • Multiple voltage management 12/24 volts

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